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I started using the CBD(alkmi) wellness about a month ago and am amazed at how good I feel. I haven't felt this good in a long time

Yasmien H

Not only did it help thrpugh my illness with chronic pain, but also with my anxiety before going into hospital for multiple procedures- especially during these difficult times of Covid. I have a very stressful job, coming home really exhausted! Taking Alkmi CBD oil has helped me relax and have a good nights sleep, without feeling hung over the next morning! Waking up I felt I could take on the world at the office . I would definitely recommend "Alkmi CBD oil', I have had great results if not the best! THANK YOU!!! ALKMI your product has been absolutely amazing


About two months ago I was introduced to CBD oil. I was sceptical about the claims but I had a number of irritating complaints I decided to give it a try. Was I surprised st the efficacy if this product. Within �four days of the first dose I slept better, woke up feeling energetic and sprightly. Nagging pains had disappeared and skin. Truly a wonder drug this oil.


I started using CBD oil in September '19 for my muscle aches. My menopause started in November '19 and the CBD oil helped with my night sweats and hot flushses. I'm still using it and it is a wonder cure for me.

Sur�nie Conterato

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2018 and stage 2 bowel cancer in 2019. Anyone that suffer from these ailments are aware that Osteoporosis causes severe and debilitating pain, and with bowel cancer one spends half your day in the loo.
Have been using the CBD Wellness drops for three weeks and the results are phenomenal!I already started using less prescription pain medication and visits to the bathroom have decreased significantly. I highly recommend it to anyone that want to use a product that works. It changed my life.

Aldrin Stein

I've been using a Asthma pump regulary for the past two years, decided to try alkmi CBD- something natural and haven't used my pump in the past 3 months


I've struggled with migraines for the last couple of years- the cbd oils have provided some pain relief. I no longer suffer from insomnia since using the CBD sleep oil.

Faiza Barnes

The Alkmi CBD products has been greatly beneficial for me. I have Arthritis and within days of using the Alkmi products I felt less pain. My quality of sleep as improved and have better ease of movement in my fingers and lower back. I will most certainly use the other Alkmi products in the range so that I can get the full benefits of these Amzaing products.

Tristan Luke Moses -Mamelodi Sundowns FC

Recovery is everything for me.The CBD Sports Oil has improved my sleep oer the last few months & my body feels ready to go every morning. My muscles feel less fatigued& it''s the perfect product to use after an intense training session or game.CBD is the future of recovery for us athletes.

Nasreen B

My 16 year old son has been using CBD for the last 4 months as an alternative to Anxiety medication. The CBD has made a difference to disrupted sleep he was experiencing and improved his overall mood. He is now able to better cope with the anxiety symptoms

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